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Monthly. Unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and USA + 1 USA phone number  + basic features

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Unlimited calls to US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico

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US unlimited - Plan description

  • 12€/month
  • Country wide unlimited (FUP) [regular landline and mobile numbers only*
  • 1 phone number (may be subject to proof of address requirement)
  • 2 inbound channels**
  • 2 outbound channels***
  • Many phone call features 
  • Free setup 
  • 7/7 chat support 
  • Free Apps iOS & Android 
  • Transfer your phone number

*Unlimited calls to US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico regular landlines and mobile numbers (excluding special, premium, service, non-geographic, national and toll free numbers). Click to check other nomado unlimited plans

** Don't be limited : 1ct/minute for inbound calls for extra channel

*** Don't be limited : 5ct/minute for outbound calls for extra channel

Check Fair Use Policy