Germany - National Phone Number

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National number in Germany. Inbound fees apply.

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nomado number - VoIP national number in Germany

Get a virtual national number (also called DID) in Germany .

Incoming Call Rates
Calls from Mobile: €0.28/min
Calls from Fixed line : €0.09/min

Be reachable locally. 

You can be anywhere in the world and have your callers call you locally with your Nomado Germany number.

Please make sure you can provide the following requirement before making any purchase:

A. ) For individual: 
1. Proof of address- A local authority (government agency) such as proof of residence from the municipality or German government issued national ID card that shows the addres, or Meldebescheinigung (Registration Card) s.

2. Date of birth 

3. Identification Card

B.  )For business:

1. Proof of business registration from the trade registry, i.e Handelsregisterauszug (Commercial Register Extract) or Bescheinigung der Gewerbeanzeige (Certification of the Trade Advertisement)

2. Identification Card of Authorized Representative.


Valid proofs of ID are as follows for all number types:

Government issued ID from any country (Passport/National ID Card/Driving Licence ID Card). We accept ages of 18 years and over.
The ID must be of the representative named on the business registration or the ID of an authorized representative along with a document linking the authorized representative to the business must be provided.