nomado intl


What happens if you are outside your office and need to call your customer without displaying your private number?

And if you want to receive your customer calls directly on your iPhone even if they are calling your office number?

And what about making calls to Europe and worldwide much cheaper than with your mobile operator?  This app is for you.

Nomado telecom, the best European VoIP and SMS provider is offering you nomado intl App (pronounce it nomado international) for iOS and nNumber for Android.

When calling with nomado intl, you can display any phone number you want, to the person you are calling. As long as you get this number on your online account, there are more than 50 countries you can choose from our service.

You can even port-in your main office phone number to nomado telecom. Mobile number included (currently available in 5 countries)

Manage your phone numbers with this great App and it will also help you to make great savings while travelling abroad or just to call internationally. It will decrease by 70% your bills. What'sapp is good when you have stable connection and when the other party also have but when you want quality call, this is your App.

How does it work?
This App is making a callback call to your mobile phone. You will be charged by nomado for the call to your mobile and once you pick it up, the App makes also the call to the other party (you are charged also to this part)  and you get in contact. But still much cheaper than a direct call. And it works even if you don't have credit on your prepaid SIM card. Great also for prepaid card users. You often call the same international numbers? Save it in your favorite and then just one click!


How to configure nNumber (nomado intl) for Androïd

After you installed the nomado intl app from Google Play, be ready with your nomado PBX access. If you are existing customer and you do not know your nomado PBX access, please contact the nomado Team.
    1    Click Start Set Up.
    2    Enter your Username and Password. These are the  nomado PBX login and password.
    3    Enter your mobile number, for Belgium numbers, you can enter in local format, i.e 047xxxx, for International numbers, enter in 00 format, i.e 00336xxxxxx.
    4    Select the Caller ID you would like to use from your existing nomado numbers by clicking on the triple dot sign on the dialer.
    5    You can start to call. 
    6    Dial the number you wish to call and you will receive a call from nomado Callback System, and the call will be connected.

Contact us

Just click on Enter Username

You will have to fill your nomado account credentials and your mobile number. Just click Start Setup here.

You have put this email address when you first signed up at

Be aware it is not your SIP line but it is your login on, it is generally your email address

It is the password you chose or was given to you by when you signed up

This is used if you might change password, it will refresh. Set up 24h

Do you see the 3 small points above digit 1? It will ask you to choose the nomado intl you want to display.

Don't forget to add your mobile phone number as this App will call  you first and connect you to the contact person you are calling

Choose the nomado intl you want to display. Yes you can have more than one.

You can decide what will happen when people call your nomado number

Now you are ready to make calls

As people will see your nomado number displayed, then they might call you back on this number. Just forward it to your mobile and you are reachable.