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Telephone communication is important and we got you covered. Manage business transactions successfully even if you are phone call away.

Telephone communication may be slower than its new-media counterparts, but it still has benefits in an increasingly impersonal world. The telephone call, which connects a caller with a human voice, is still an important business component.

Short of talking with someone face-to-face, a phone call is the best way to get a personal response. If the person you called is available, you can take care of business on the spot. With other forms of communication, such as texting or email, you leave a message and hope for a quick response. Phone calls have a vocal backup in the form of voice mail. The caller can leave a detailed voice message, without the restriction of a certain number of characters or typing a text message on a tiny cell-phone keypad.

nomado Callback 

For travellers who don’t want to pay Roaming Out
Call the free international Call Back number +32 (0)2 808 68 88 let it ring once and hangup. Our server will call you back and ask you to dial the number you want to reach. Ideal if you are outside EU.

More info via online chat

Smart Callback  with nomado intl app

The most advanced and suitable app to:

- manage your business phone numbers by i.e. diplaying a business phone number form your smartphone

- decrease international call cost. Do you really believe that the Roaming is free in Europe?