Nomado Team's Inspiration

Commendations from Nomado users

Friendly and effective chat support !

Serge Pegoff

Very polite, very to the point. Support = 100%

Kris Lens 

Excellent communication, very fast

Pierre-alexandre Dendoncker

Excellent and patient support!!

Herman Schaumans

The nomado team was extremely helpful, my problem was actually not Nomado related and they helped me through it, they saved my day and our business !

Serge Verleyen 

Love doing business with you. Keep up the good work !

Bram De Wachter

Nomado's team makes VOIP a breeze. They have realized in 2 days more than I could manage with my previous provider in 6 months. The switch to Nomado is a no-brainer, even for more complicated setups using Asterisk.


Congratulations with your workers, they are very smart sir, Always try to search the problem , and in any time they find the problem and resolve it. Very nice , thanks in advance for the good cooperation.

VP Verolec

It is always a pleasure to work with your team: even when issues don't belong to the Nomado setup, they are ready and capable to assist with a variety of network problems. For a non-techie like me, it is a relief to be able to count on their advice. Keep up the good work!

Luca Segantini, ISN Foundation

A poem to say "Thank You" :

If telephone lines are going astray. 
Then Nomado is there to make your day 
They put an end to what's gone wrong 
So you can go on singing your song.

Nikolaas Vanneste

It's a Great Service for International Calls.

Jeremy, UK

IYC Limited

Awesome support!! I was helped in excellent way. Kind and professional, just great technical support.

Maikel Verouden

Unquestionably as good as it gets! Thank you

Danny Orban

It is so easy to transform to Nomado with the NomadoBox

Pol Vanneste
Brugge, Belgium

Very cheap and easy to install, globally available.

Henk Lietaert
Bellegem, Belgium

Hassle free, reliable and economic phone service with even more options than running your own hardware phone centrals.

Krispy Solutions
Everberg, Belgium

I recommend Nomado-
"because of the good support and fair usage plans."

Jurgen De Wetter
EHBO-PC bvba – Aalst

Cheap, stable, reliable, configurable through the UI, call-back feature.

Glenn Dobbelaere

I recommend Nomado because it allows all my familiy to join me for free wherever I am!

Bagnolet, France

Affordable fully featured voip system. Could not ask for more.

Fabien B.
IT Security Specialist
Bradford, England 

I gave Jenny 2 difficult problems to address and she was extremely patient with me and resolved them both with 100% professionalism and politeness. It doesn't get better than this! 

Peter, UK

I can strongly recommend NOMADO, using it for years, good quality network! helpfull helpdesk, quick response! Would be even better if Portugal was included in Economy plan together with Spain and Italy makes it calling the mediterranean in the EU.

Centrum voor thuisverpleging Oikade
Mortsel,  Belgium