A landline or mobile phone number ... But Smarter

To receive calls I need an incoming call number. We provide nomadoNumber  which is an IP based phone numbers also called DID. 

Those numbers look the same as traditionnal phone number but are nomadic and can be managed form the cloud. The cloud is internet.

nomadoNumbers are available from more than 60 countries

  • Those numbers are nomadics, they follow you everywhere
  • Internet cuts? Your number can follow you on your mobile
  • Virtual presence: conquer new foreign markets
  • Ideal for expats : keep a number from your country
  • No Roaming fee, all incoming calls are free.

How to buy a Phone number which is not included in the plan?

In the eShop choose Add-on/Phone number (payable yearly), it is A la Carte
Select the number of year in advance
Before the date of expiration, Nomado will mail you asking you if you would like to continue using that number (which you can renew repeatedly without limits)

How much does a call cost ?

For the caller : The cost of a local call wherever they are
For you : FREE
If you divert the number to your mobile, the cost will be the equivalent to a local call to a mobile

Some examples :

  • You live in Brussels but you have family in Italy. Get an Italian Nomado number in Rome and when they call it, your phone in Belgium rings. In this way your family will only need to dial an Italian number at the same cost as a local call. They could call you even if you travel abroad, whether you’re in Brussels, Singapore or Rome…
  • You live in Germany and your friend in Poland calls a Polish number which rings on your phone in Germany (or the opposite)
  • You are Belgian but you’re always travelling, perhaps you have a second home in France ? Nomado gives you a Belgian number (Brussels, Anvers) and you take it with you, keeping you available as long as you’re connected to the internet (perhaps at a Café using WiFi). Your friends and family can call you at the cost of a local call wherever you are in the world.
  • Are you an expat, or an International company based in Belgium ? Most of your clients live in Spain or Sweden? Opt for a local telephone number in Spain or Sweden and they will ring on your business phone line in Belgium (or anywhere else), so that you can manage your clients directly.

NB : to obtain virtual numbers in certain countries you may sometimes need to supply a local address along with a copy of an identity card or passport (consult us on this matter when you purchase)