Mobile calls via nomado

Using your ordinary mobile phone with the nomado network

To be able to use your ordinary mobile phone (one without WiFi) to make extremely low priced calls over the nomado network there are two possibilities : 


Calling via “2 Stage Calling” proxy number

For those who want to call from Belgium or Luxemburg to other countries
local call local calls = same rate as your mobile operator
international calls = the nomado rate
local call savings of up to 90% on international calls

more info via online chat

Calls using nomado Callback

For travellers who don’t want to pay Roaming Out
mobile call call the free international Call Back number +32 (0)2 808 68 88
mobile call all your international cals will pass through the nomado network. Never any more Roaming Out 
mobile call it also works with a local SIM card in up to 150 different countries

more info via online chat