Solutions with nomado


nomado proposes cheapest and smartest calls and SMS 

Smart routing of calls, SMS campaigns from any CRM, the sky is the limit for your communications....

A nomado number is a smart phone number. It is a local landline or mobile* phone number. It is a IP based, therefore nomadic .

 *mobile nomado numbers are currently available in 5 countries

And with 100% freedom as there is zero termination charges, we are self confident you will keep your nomado number for life.

nomado numbers are available in more than 60 countries

  • Those numbers are nomadics, they follow you everywhere
  • Internet cuts? Your number can follow you on your mobile
  • Virtual presence: conquer new foreign markets by using local nomado numbers
  • Ideal for expats : keep a number from your country
  • Less Roaming. Since June 15th, do you believe EU roaming is gone?

How to buy a Phone number which is not included in the plan?

In the eShop choose Add-on/Phone number (payable yearly), it is A la Carte
Select the number of year in advance
Before the date of expiration, nomado will mail you asking you if you would like to continue using that number (which you can renew repeatedly without limits)

How much does a call cost ?

For the caller : The cost of a local call wherever they are
For you : FREE
If you divert the number to your mobile, the cost will be the equivalent to a local call to a mobile

Some examples :

  • You live in Brussels but you have family in Italy. Get an Italian nomado number in Rome and when they call it, your phone in Belgium rings. In this way your family will only need to dial an Italian number at the same cost as  local call. They could call you even if you travel abroad, whether you’re in Brussels, Singapore or Rome….
  • You live in Germany and your friend in Poland calls a Polish number which rings on your phone in Germany (or the opposite).
  • You are Belgian but you’re always travelling, perhaps you have a second home in France ? nomado gives you a Belgian number (Brussels, Anvers) and you take it with you, keeping you available as long as you’re connected to the internet (perhaps at a Café using WiFi). Your friends and family can call you at the cost of a local call wherever you are in the world.
  • Are you an expat, or an international company based in Belgium ? Most of your clients live in Spain or Sweden? Opt for a local telephone number in Spain or Sweden and they will ring on your business phone line in Belgium (or anywhere else), so that you can manage your clients directly.

NB : To obtain virtual numbers in certain countries you may need to supply a local address along with a copy of an identity card or passport (consult us on this matter when you purchase)

nNumber : iPhone & Android Apps that add phone numbers on your smartphone.

nomadoNumber : a local phone number that can follow you anywhere and anytime. Exist also in mobile format.

macPhone : App for your Mac. It works as a telephone using your contacts and directly call from it.

nBox : Out best seller, ready to use VoIP adapter, turns your analog phone into modern one. THE nomado Box!

nSMS API : Send SMS campaign or link your database with our SMS gateway to send cheap SMS to your customers.

nSMS App : Send SMS from our App or from the portal (August 2017).

nVoIP phone : it is an IP phone but already configured for nomado, it is ready to call. Cisco and Grandstream.

nFax2mail:  Get your fax message on your mailbox on your computer or smartphone as pdf. You can even send fax from your PC.

nCallback : Save on mobile bills when abroad, let your kids make mobile calls when they don’t have credit.

nSIP Trunk : Link you existing IP phone system and nomado network.

nSDK and nAPI : integrates your database or CRM with nomado and automate calls even Smart calls, IoT.

SIP Hybrid phone : Any compatible IP + Dect system like Gigaset, great for residential use and small businesses.

SIP Software : Any software on desktop, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone, nomado is compatible with SIP norm.

SIP phone : Any Cisco, Tiptel, Grandstream, all other IP phone you find on stores are compatible with nomado.

SIP Gateway: If you have an existing VoIP Gateway, you can choose nomado as your main provider in few minutes.

Cheapest calls as possible. Especially international calls

How to do?

You want a simple solution?

- With a landline phone => via a small box, the nomado Box 

More info about the nomado box

- With a landline or mobile phone => via a nomado gateway number. 
   No need internet. This gateway number:

     - calls you back (callback, ideal for abroad)
     - either connects you directly (2-stage, easy to save on their phone)

More info about mobile calls

- With an iPhone => download the App nNumber (June 2017), it is a great App, you cannot even think.

- With an Androïd phone => download the App nNumber (june 2017)


You are ready for more elaborate solution?

- With any VOIP phone (Cisco, Snom ..) => Fill in nomado codes (10-20min) 

- With nomado VOIP phones => it is delivered ready-to-call !

Check our VoIP phones

- Your existing VoIP gateway => replace with nomado codes (10-90min)

- With a hybrid phone (Gigaset ...) => Fill in nomado codes (10-20min)

- With a central software or VoIP (Asterisk, 3CX ..) => Fill in nomado codes (30-180min)

- With a smartphone => download an app and fillin SIP compatible nomado codes (10-20min)


Better manage incoming calls. From a web page

How to do?

Simple solution

- Turn your existing number into a nomado Number (5 days) or subscribe directly nomado a new nomado Number and transfer all your calls to another number. Your intermediary phone number, the nomado Number, becomes the filtering number. For example the number on your van, a sales campaign number or a number from another country on your website. You can in two clicks redirect calls to another destination.
A number can also be a Fax2mail number, the fax then arrives on your email as a pdf.

Suggested plan: World (5 € / month)

More info about World Plan

Have a VoIP number that rings on an IP phone? Port in to nomado and just replace the codes on your IP phone

Setup time: 30min



More elaborate solution

- Turn your existing number into a nomado Number (5 days) or subscribe directly a new nomado Number and it becomes interactive and intelligent. A great virtual receptionist. For example, calls are routed based on time or calling number. Press #2 to the technical department ... Custom Music on Hold, blocking unknown, conferences etc .. A PBX in the cloud with unlimited possibilities.

- Combine with IP phones to enjoy 100% of this central VoIP

Check nomado Phone

Suggested formula : nomado Phone (69.00 € one time ) + World (5 € / month)

More info about nomado Word plan

Setup time: 3 hours


Custom solution

For other needs, such as
- your own database integration with phone calls or SMS
- Call center solution
- Tollfree numbers, easy numbers
- Interconnection with existing system via API, SDK
-> Please contact us via contact form or via livechat

Who are we?

Belgian company with capital of 63,000 euros, established in 2007 and totaling over 13,000 users worldwide.

They speak about us:

"nomado allows us to benefit from a quality telecommunications infrastructure, easy to implement while providing advanced features for our business needs."

Frédéric Monet •

"nomado's team makes VOIP a breeze. They have realized in 2 days more than I could manage with my previous provider in 6 months. The switch to nomado is a no-brainer, even for more complicated setups using Asterisk."


"It is always a pleasure to work with your team: even when issues don't belong to the nomado setup, they are ready and capable to assist with a variety of network problems. For a non-techie like me, it is a relief to be able to count on their advice. Keep up the good work! "

Luca Segantini, ISN Foundation

Choose add-ons if needed

  • Refill credit
    If the free prepaid call credit per month on the chosen plan is not enough, you have the option to top up load credit.
  • additional nomado Numbers
    Be reachable locally. Subscribe to nomado national phone numbers (called nomado DID in the VoIP world) to have virtual presence on the country of your choice. 
  • Faxtomail
    Need to receive fax but do not have fax machine? Subscribe to nomado Faxtomail. Receive fax messages through email. Important notice: Compatibility issue has been reported for sending fax to your faxtomail number outside the country of you have your faxtomail number from. For receiving fax only, you cannot send fax yet but expected in 2018.
  • Toll Free Numbers
    Have your customers and potential clients reach you without paying long distance charge with nomado Toll Free numbers.  Increase business presence by providing your customers Toll Free numbers so they can call you for free.
  • Portation Rates
    Purchase portation to pay for the portation fee for keeping your number with nomado. One Portation fee per number you will port.
  • Hardware
    You want to start using nomado but you do not have internet phones or VoIP device? You can get them with nomado and we will send them to you already configured. Just plug and call.
  • Software
    Enjoy internet phone with your pc. Just install the application and configure your sip parameter.
  • Technical Care
    For a minimal paid support, you can optimize your nPbx features to gain business advantage. 
  • Extension
    Keep your existing subscription to avoid inconvenience by keeping the same phone settings.

Pay your shopping cart with online or offline payment

We deliver
Once we received your payment, we will deliver immediately so you can enjoy communication trough nomado.  We will send you all needed information via email and you can come on the live chat for further assistance. You can also activate the automatic recharge and extension so no more worries about being cut.