Frequently Asked Question


Getting Started

Can I see the different products you offer?

Can I just use an App with nomado, without one of the product ?

  • Yes you can get a world plan, that cost 60€/year and use an App (iOS, Android, Mac). You can also just buy a nomado number and some credit.

I have IP Phones already, can I use nomado with it?

  • You can use any SIP compatible phones with nomado. We do not have any restrictions of what voip device to use. Just create an account and get a world plan or any other add-on
  • You can also purchase IP equipment from our eShop they are pre-configured and remotely provisionned. Once you have it, you just need to connect to your internet.

I have an existing number, I want to keep it even when I move to Nomado. Is it possible to do number transfer?

I don't understand anything about telephony and IP, will you help me?

  • Yes, we are used to communicate with non tech persons and will speak your language in order to provide you the best solution you need.

Account Details

How can check my account details?

  • Login to the customer Portal, go to My Profile to check your account details.

I want to know when will my subscription expires.

  • Login to the customer Portal, go to My Products to check the expiration dates

Where can I find my sip parameter?

  • Your sip parameter was sent on the welcome email Nomado sent you when you created your account. You can contact Nomado Team should you need further assistance.

Account Modification

How can I change my email address?

  • Please contact Nomado Team to have your email address changed. 

How can I change my address?

  • Changing of invoice address has been disabled due to VAT taxation. Please contact Nomado Team for billing address modification.

How can I change my sip password?

  • For the security of your sip account, you need to contact Nomado Team to have your Sip password changed.

Billing Questions

Do you send paper billing?

  • Nomado supports green environment thus we do paperless billing. Since, we are pre-paid service, we no longer need to bill your account. You can make your purchase and you can check invoice from the customer Portal.

I have new VAT number, I want to add it on my invoice details.

  • Please contact Nomado Team to have your VAT number added.

I have new VAT number, I want my old VAT replaced.

  • Nomado needs to create new account so you can use your new VAT number. Please contact Nomado Team for billing assistance.

Where can I find my invoice?

  • Login to the customer portal, go to Billing then Invoice.

I've received an email saying that my account balance is around 2 Euros.  I don't understand, because I have a  plan that should give me "free" communications during one year.

  • Our plans is allocated with calling minutes each month and  in over 400 destinations worldwide. You may have called destinations not included with your plan or spent your free minutes thus the prepaid credit you purchased got deducted with the standard call rates. You can activate EAR which is Easy Automatic Refill on your account and won't be annoyed worrying about call cut.

How can I add credit to my account?

  • Log in to your MyNomado, go to SHOP and click on Refill.
  • If you pay with Visa, AMEX or Mastercard, you can activate Easy Automatic Refill : as soon as your balance is below your Threshold 5€ as default (but you can define it), it will refill automatically your balance by charging your credit card for predefined amount. 

How to check my balance?

  • You can call 888 from your nomado phone or box or any SIP device configured with your nomado account to check your balance or you can login to the customer portal and go to MyProfile> Balance.

I have a new credit card, I want to use this for automatic refill and not use the old card.

  • You need to make a purchase for refill on eShop using the new card details, and have the payment info saved so it will be used for the next automatic refill.

How can I extend my subscription which is about to expire?

  • You just need to go to eShop> Extension and purchase same product.

I want to do automatic top up when my balance is low.

  • Activate Easy Automatic Refill (EAR) on MyProfile and make a purchase of refill on shop and allow the payment info be saved for the automatic refill.

Am I charged with incoming calls?

  • Receiving calls on your Nomado phone number is free. The only time you get charged for receiving the calls is when you forward your calls to other numbers. The forwarding of calls are considered as outgoing calls.