Can I install nomado in my office?


nomado products are just plug and call, that is what we want to offer our customers.

However, it can happen that some firewalls or router devices are considered as obstacle for VoIP telephony.

The first step to analyse feasibility is to know the internet architecture. Is the Internet connection from a reliable provider? What is the type of the modem and the router and any equipement between the nomado product and the Internet. Do you have access to this hardware?

The second step is to get help from nomado to fix the possible obstacle to a reliable phone solution. The best assistance we have provided so far and which has proven efficiency is the chat support with some remote assistance via screen sharing or remote access. Obviously always with your explicit agreement.  Our tech support team is multi-certified Cisco, Juniper, security and VoIp.

An alternative step is to get help from a nomado partner. There are many nomado partners in your region. If not, your IT provider can help you. Just tell him to contact us so we can guide him.

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