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Be a part of the champion team which provides world class customer service. 

Be one of Nomado's Reseller and earn until 20% commission on every purchase that your customers will make. 

But not only that....

First, fill in the Contact Form, and choose Partnership Inquiry. You can also come on the chat to discuss it. We will contact you very shortly for the Reseller contract.

Then you need to have nomado account by signing up.

The customer needs to sign up to our website. You can create their account by clicking the sign up button, fill in their information  and on the Sponsor Code field, enter your Customer ID number. This will only work however, if you are already approved as a Reseller. You can create the account for the enduser customer. A customer forgot to put your code on the signup? No worry, it can happens, just inform us about that.

nomado customers will be charged only with nomado standard rates. You will not be able to impose your own rates. However, if you are providing other services and business solutions to the nomado customers, you can charge them your rates but nomado has nothing to do with. nomado will only charge the customers for any products and services purchased from our website. If you are looking for Wholesale rates (i.e. for SIP trunk), please contact us.

Here below the scheme and the Pros being nomado Reseller.

• Get a recurring revenue without any effort

• Some of your clients will have to migrate from their traditional PBX system to the nomado PBX (cloud PBX), or require assistance to move services from their current carrier. You can charge according to your own local rates for this service.

• You can offer training with our cloud PBX offer.

•  You can bill your customers for service activation and configuration.

•  Although system updates are automatic with nomado PBX, your customers need you to configure their Auto Receptionist/Auto Attendant functions. Our team can help also from the chat support, anytime.

In two words: you receive 10% But during the first year of the signature of the contract, you double the commission (20%)