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Be part of the champion team which provides world class customer service. Be one of Nomado's nBroker and earn 30% commission on every purchase that your customers will make, during his first 12 months

Fill the contact form and choose Partner inquiry, we will contact  you for the nBroker contract.

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nBroker FAQs

How can I become nBroker?

You need to have Nomado account to be approved as Nomado nBroker. Fill in the Contact Form, and choose Partnership Inquiry. We will contact you very shortly for the nBroker contract.

How can I bring in customers to Nomado?

The customer has to have Nomado account. You can create their account by clicking the sign up button, fill in their information  and on the Sponsor Code field, enter your Customer ID number. This will only work however, if you are already approved as nBroker.

I want to charge my customer my own rate, is that possible?

Nomado customers will be charge only with Nomado standard rates. You will not be able to impose your own rates. However, if you are providing other services and business solutions to the Nomado customers, you can charge them your rates but Nomado has nothing to do with. Nomado will only charge the customers for any products and services purchased from our website. 

I am not sure to have undertood the % commission, can you re-explain?

For every customer's purchase, you'll earn 30% commission during the first year of this customer. The commission payout is done quarterly. You have to send invoice to Nomado with your bank details.  You can also instruct Nomado to apply the commission as call credit or to any of your client's account. 

Any purchases under your Nomado account are included for the commission computation.  After the 12 month, you will get 10% of commission during 10 years.

What if one of the customer I bring is sponsoring another customer

It is like a pyramid. If one of your godson is sponsoring (the refering sponsoring where they get each 5€) another person or company, this person or company becomes also one of your godson and that increase your revenues.