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Modern fixed telephony: nomad

nomado is a telephony and SMS solution for businesses and private customers.

Currently, companies subscribing to traditional telephony exchange providers need to make a commitment for multiple years and, in addition, need to bear substantial costs with regard to installation, configuration and maintenance services.

With nomado, all these costs are reduced, whereas the telephone exchange, the nomado PBX, is hosted in the cloud. This means it is located on our servers rather than locally within the company itself. The telephone exchange is, so to speak, decentralized and is accessible through a very user-friendly web page.

With nomado, you are free to cancel at any time and at no cost.

Most of the biggest firms have already adopted this kind of telephone system, which is usually referred to as Voice-over-IP. Now, we are making it available to both small and larger enterprises at a great price!

This professional solution manages your incoming, outgoing and internal calls thanks to numerous functionalities and it is fully compatible with your own database.

For example, a customer calls you: he is identified by his telephone number and is automatically referred to an appropriate representative or to the required information such as his personal invoice information. Subsequently, he can be sent a confirmation by SMS. This kind of contact with your company gives a pleasantly surprising professional impression.

If you simply wish to make national or international calls at a lower cost, then we can offer the best rates on the market!

Established in 2007 and with over 13000 users in Europe and in the rest of the world, nomado is the solution that offers the best value for money as pointed out by datanews.be magazine. 

Your business is going to grow and therefore needs a scalable and flexible system.

For freelancers, families, start-ups or large organizations, what can be better than such a solution to meet the growing needs of nomadism?

Minimum cost and maximum freedom

Online registration only takes a few minutes after which you can immediately choose à-la-carte services such as an Italian telephone number, an interconnection with your own SIP central, an SMS-campaign, a fax2mail, etc. It’s a prepaid self-service! 

We offer nomado world  plan at €60 per year (excluding tax) made for business and be unlmited made for residential at €12 per month.
This former includes: a local phone number, free calls to dozens of locations, professional features and above all a 7/7-support center. While the latter,  be unlimited offers unlmted calls to regular Belgium landline and mobile numbers subject to fair use policy, phone number, and great call features.

Making phone calls and sending text messages is done from a computer, a smartphone or an IP-telephone system and possibly also from your own VoIP system. This means more freedom!

Even without an Internet connection, your calls can be forwarded directly to your mobile phone.

As for roaming costs abroad, they disappear entirely thanks to our mobile gateways.

You no longer need internal telecom personnel because our service support is entirely dedicated to you!

Here are some examples regarding the use of nomadoPBX:

  • Calls are forwarded in function of the time, day or the caller!
  • Personalized waiting music!
  • Interactive multilevel messaging!
  • Blocking unwelcome callers!
  • Interaction between the client and your database!
  • Redirecting calls to other locations!
  • Automatic callbacks!
  • Call conferences!
  • Fax to mail etc…!

All this, starting from as low as €5/month (excluding tax)!

The nomado Team
A team of professionals with experience at some of the largest telecom players!
Everything is automated but our team remains available to you 7/7 and soon, 24 hours a day. How? Through online chat platforms that enable assistance and remote installations in multiple languages!

nomado has been developed in Belgium since 2007, under the IBPT license #3482. Our mission? The optimal management of your inbound and outbound communications anywhere in the world!

And now!
Join the millions of users of telephony in the cloud. Regain your freedom while saving hundreds of euros starting today on www.nomado.eu

nomado's team makes VOIP a breeze. They have realized in 2 days more than I could manage with my previous provider in 6 months. The switch to nomado is a no-brainer, even for more complicated setups using Asterisk.

Bram, solvajo.com

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