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unlimited call to regular US number with 1 phone number

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Appels illimités vers les USA 

(voir fair use policy)


• Includes 1 local phone number (subject to proof of adress request)

• Unlimited calls to regular landlines and mobile numbers to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and USA (excluding special, premium, service, non-geographic, national and toll free numbers) 

• Many phone call features 

• Free setup 

• 7/7 chat support 

•. Free Apps iOS & Android 

•. Port-in your existing number (with porting fee)

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Fair Use Policy

Your Subscription
Your subscription, subject to this policy,  allows you to make unlimited calls only to regular landline and mobile numbers as in above destinations. (excluding special, premium, service, non-geographic, national and toll free numbers). “Unlimited” does not apply to activities which nomado consider as not within the term of normal use.

Your Obligations
You (as nomado subscribers) are subject to the rules and guidelines of the Fair Use Policy. This Policy prevents any form of network abuse; to prevent exploitation and abuse of unlimited calls. We will maintain and optimize nomado network to continuously provide best call quality and services. You are responsible for any use of service regardless if the use was done with or without your knowledge and consent.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you will use nomado service only for legitimate purpose, in a manner provided in this policy, and taking into considerations the activities that would not be considered as legitimate purpose nor as normal usage.

Not Considered as Normal Use

Any unauthorized or excessive used beyond the normal usage of residential or business subscribers may result to network congestion which will interfere  with the rights of other subscribers in the manner of use and quality of the service.

To protect the rights of all nomado subscribers to enjoy the service anytime at will, without service interruption nor degradation of the quality, the following are the list of activities not considered as legitimate purpose nor within the term of normal usage, but not limited to:

a. any form of telemarketing, inside sales, or telesales regardless of the number of people reached;
b. for any call center operations regardless of the purpose of the call;
c. outbound calls made thru dialer;
d. sharing of subscription in any form or means;
e. when, as a result of placing the calls to any number,  generates income to you or others, regardless the manner and purpose of calling;
f. unauthorized resale of nomado service
g. any usage significantly higher than the normal terms of use;
h. any other call activities nomado may deem not a normal usage upon evaluation and analysis of your calling patterns in violation to this policy

Our Rights

To give effect to this Policy, we reserve the right to review your account and take further actions. nomado reserves the right to suspend or terminate your subscription and impose further charges to recover the loss incurred due to any breach or violation of this policy. All outbound calls, which includes forwarded calls and calls made thru callback or remote access might be then charge the standard outbound rates.

Failure to enforce our right/s against any act/s performed in breach or violation of this policy shall not be construed as waiver of such right/s.