Why You Still Need Callback Service Despite the EU’s Free Roaming Policy

Say Goodbye to Your Shocking Phone Bill

Admin Jenny

How to Use Nomado Callback Service 

Thanks to Nomado callback service, you are still able to make outbound calls and save costs, no worries on roaming fees. No need to check if you are within the coverage of free roaming charge or not.

When you travel, just get the local sim card in your destination. List down the mobile number and add it to Nomado’s Callback Service to activate.

How will you be able to call using Nomado Callback?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. From you local sim card on your phone, dial Nomado callback number: 32 (0)2 808 68 88
  2. Wait for 1 ringtone which signifies the connection and drop the call immediately.
  3. Your mobile number will receive the call from Nomado Callback system.
  4. Answer the call, you will hear the instruction to enter the number you wish to call followed by #.
  5. The call gets connected to the destination.

How much are the Callback Charges?

Please note that the local sim card carrier will not charge you for the call to Nomado Callback Number.
As for Nomado, you will be billed in 2 parts:
First Part: Nomado will charge for the call to your local sim card mobile number
Second Part: Nomado will charge for the call to the number destination you entered when getting the callback.


You are from Belgium and you travel and live in Malta and would need to make several calls back to Belgium.  You got Malta prepaid sim card and will use it to call using Nomado call back.

Let us say, you made a 7 minutes call to Belgium Proximus mobile number.

The computation of call cost will be:

First Part: (Call charge for calling your Malta mobile at  €0.06 x 7 minutes call) + €0.025 connection fee = €0.445
Second Part: (Call charge for calling the Belgium Proximus mobile number at €0.05 x 7 minutes call) + €0.025 connection fee = €0.375

In total, you callback calls from Malta to Belgium will cost €0.82 only for the 7 minutes call.

It is prepaid, you already know the cost even before you made the call, say goodbye to your shocking bill.