Why You Need Alert Feature with NomadoNumber

Get Notified with Your Phone Activities

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Why You Need Alert Feature with NomadoNumber

Get notified with your phone activities

How else to manage your calls and phone lines better than setting up an alerts for your calls and phone usage. Here are the few important reasons why you need to set up  the Alerts feature  on your nomadoNumber.

  1. Missed call notification - Missed calls are missed opportunities. Thanks to the great features of nomadoNumber, you can always do return call. By activating your Alert Features, you will receive a notification thru email alerting you that a call was not answered. The email contains  the phone number that called, and the time and date when the call was made.
  2. Line Registration Alert- Make sure your line is connected to Nomado network. Set up the Alert for Telephone lines losing registration and get notification alert thru email. You can set to send the alert every second, minute, hour or day. This set up is not only ideal for call centers but also to small and medium business enterprise. Settipng up this Alert feature when the line lost its registration will reduce your phone downtime.
  3. Alert when Queued calls exited not answered - Queue calls are intended for temporary parking of calls while other operators are busy with existing calls. There are instances when calls parked in Queue were dropped unanswered. With this Alert feature, the system will notify you for this type of call giving you the opportunity to  return call those dropped calls.

These are only few of the notifications you can set up with the Alert feature. Set up your nomadoNumber and contact the Nomado Team for other features to maximize your nomadoNumber.