with Odoo

Admin Olivier

After a disaster, there is always and hopefully a disaster recovery. We are there. Early october 2014, we encountered a severe SQL injection. Our telephony servers are still fine but our website suffered so much and was infected so we decided to pull it down. And start an ongoing project we already were working on : Prestashop, famous eCommerce solution made in France. After a month of installing Prestashop, we realized we needed something better for ourself and for our customers. Starting from scratch again and without sleep for the nomado team since october, we are proud to offer ourself and to our partners (you know, even customers are called partners nowadays) the Odoo ERP, previousely known ad OpenERP, or TinyERP.

The most achieved ERP in the market I may say which is simple, fast, with latest technos and fully integrated to all business tools. 

Now there is a lot of things to be done to complete the recovery and allow greater experience for our customers again with using Nomado and we are happy to be back on (good) track.

Thank you for reading