5 Benefits With Time Route Features

Save Cost on Hiring IT Person to Do the Work

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5 Benefits With Time Route Features

Save cost on hiring IT person to do the work

Managing your calls in this VOIP era is no longer as difficult as it was. With the help of you nomadoNumber, you can manage your calls easily. nomadoNumber has made it easier to manage your calls yourself saving you cost on hiring IT person to do the work.

  1. Direct Calls to Voice Message during Out of Office hours - Inform the callers of  your office hours when they call when your office is closed. Have them listen to your message before directing the calls to voice mails.
  2.  No more “Out of Office Hours”. Direct calls to anywhere in the world, of different time zones. Set up your calls to direct to people capable to receive calls. Businesses on different locations and different time zones can now assigned each zone to receive calls. With this feature, your business never get to sleep. Keep your sales coming anytime of the day.
  3. Save time to set up Conference meeting - If you need to have  phone conference on specific time and day, set your Time Route and all calls will go to Conference on the time and date set. Example, if you set a Conference on Wednesday at 2pm, the nomadoNumber will save the Conference schedule, all callers at this hour can join the conference. No need to manually set the conference every week.
  4. Set your free time - Calls are very good to your business but sometimes, you need to be away from your phone set your time for the Do not Disturb feature to be enabled. When time is up, it will automatically accepts calls as usual.
  5. Phone appointment- Waiting for an important call at specific hour and date? Make sure to never miss that call by setting up your Time Route feature. You can assign specific numbers to receive the calls on the time and date set. Example, you will be out of town with only access to your mobile number but you want to make sure you will be able to receive an important call to your nomadoNumber.  Before you leave, you can already set your nomadoNumber to direct the calls to your mobile number on the time and date you should receive the calls.

All these benefits you can experience with the help of cloud pbx. With nomadoAPP (work in progress), you will be able to use cloud pbx thru your mobile phone. For existing Nomado customers, the Time Route Features can be set up by creating Time Group thru nPbx> Features> Time and Date.