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How Can You Save Outbound Call Cost With nomadoNumber?

05/17/2017 10:14:08   In Latest news  
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Use nomadoNumber with Classes of Service (CoS) Feature and set traffic priorities with your telephone lines

Why You Need Alert Feature with NomadoNumber

05/12/2017 05:11:28   In Latest news  
nomado telecom, nomadonumber, missed call notification, alert feature, line registration alert, queue
Get Notified with Your Phone Activities

5 Benefits of Caller Route You Never Knew You Needed

05/04/2017 16:56:51   In Latest news  
nomado telecom, filter calls, nomadonumber, caller route, block calls, block unknown callers, conference number, faxtomail number
Filter calls from specific numbers or block unknown callers.

5 Best Ways to Manage Call Volume

04/28/2017 07:23:52   In Latest news  
nomado telecom, nomadonumber, manage call volumes, queue, huntgroup, ivr, put the calls on queue
Do not lost possible opportunities for having not able to manage your call volumes properly.

5 Benefits With Time Route Features

04/27/2017 08:28:33   In Latest news  
nomado telecom, nomadonumber, conference meeting, do not disturb feature, time route
nomadoNumber has made it easier to manage your calls yourself saving you cost in hiring IT person to do the work.

8 Reasons Why You Need Hunt Group

04/26/2017 05:02:20   In Latest news  
nomado telecom, nomadonumber, voip, receive calls simultaneously, receive calls in sequence, never miss a call
Never miss a call. Automatically send the calls to specific group of people intended to receive the calls.

Nomado Plans with PBX Package

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Features of my Nomado

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